The Positive Side of COVID-19

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Can there be positive aspects of Covid-19?

There are a multitude of articles, research, and studies that highlight the negative aspects of the pandemic. Yet can it be possible that there are also positive effects that have come from these last couple of years of uncertainty? The negative side is in our faces, ears, and within reach; but out of the changes, sicknesses, tragedies, and closures there are some surprisingly positive impacts, too.


In January 2021; PLOS ONE1 Journal published a paper that looked at the positive changes experienced during the COVID-19 lockdown in a study from 3,342 adults in Scotland during weeks 9-12 of the national lockdown. The results showed that there were indeed positive social changes (such as positive adaptation and growth), and they only just begin to shed some light on the complex changes and how they have unended lives while at the same time creating new roots and lives for others. This study was done early on in the pandemic and as we move into the third year, we are still seeing positive outcomes – they are trickling in – yet coming in nonetheless.


As we glide into 2022, some of the changes that we implemented are here to stay – even after things open back up. Those most prominent are the ones in the fitness and wellness industry. Not only do we have access to more and more types of fitness and wellness classes; we also have access to spa and beauty treatments that require no human touch. Touchless spas offer treatments such as no-touch facials, dry hydrotherapy massages, or relaxation pods. If you prefer to stay home; you can build your own home sanctuary from installing a home sauna to creating your very own fitness studio with any type of equipment from large (stationary bikes or treadmills) to small (weights, balls, bands) and everything in between. The number of virtual classes offered at all times and every day all over the world brings fitness and access to trained professionals right to your computer.


Even as businesses reopen, you might not feel like being in crowds – so why not set up a dinner with friends under the stars (using someone’s back yard as the setting), or schedule a hike to local mountains or beaches, or meet for a game of tennis outdoors? All these activities get you outside, amongst others, yet physically distanced to be able to enjoy the company of friends and family.


Other positive side effects are being able to continue to work from home and being able to spend more time with family, pets, partners, and friends. And everyone and every platform of learning from education to fun is happening online now! Virtual book club meetings to happy hours happen on a regular basis via zoom or other virtual platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. With more time at home, you can even learn how to cook and eat healthier or cater your own party or wedding. The possibilities are endless.




It seems like every time there is change on the horizon, folks get upset, stressed, and come up with the most horrific storylines of doom and gloom…yet, really there is a rainbow and a silver lining with everything that happens in life. Take a deep breath, pause, exhale, and move on!


Rejuv at Work offers several options for Mind-Body classes and/or workshops such as: MeditationStretch at Your DeskDeskerciseYogaTai Chi and Pilates These are all ways to help reduce and manage stress and anxiety as well as promote a healthier and happier outlook and work environment. We also offer other fitness classes such as Zumba, HIIT, Bootcamp, and classes of all kinds that help with cardiovascular and strength training to balance out the more mindful classes.






1Williams et al. What have we learned about positive changes experienced during COVID-19 lockdown? Evidence of the social patterning of change. PLOS ONE Journal. January 2021


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