University Wellness Programs

University Wellness Programs by Rejuv At Work

Rejuv At Work has a long history of providing wellness services at Stanford University.  Since 2010, we have provided onsite massage workshops, chair and table massage, meditation and fitness classes for undergraduates and upperclassmen at their residences and employees in their workplaces.  These rejuvenating activities have been offered throughout the year, and are especially popular during mid- and end-of-term periods for students.




Rejuv At Work at Stanford University residence halls


Stanford University 2022-2023 End-Quarter Period Dates
Fall December 5-11
Winter March 13-19 
Spring June 2- 8
Summer August 12-17


Massage is a very effective way to relieve tension during busy and stressful times. Whether receiving massage or learning how to exchange it for each other, massage is at once deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing. Massage Workshops for groups of students and Chair and Table Massage for individuals are scheduled at numerous campus locations throughout the year, including during mid- and end-of-term periods. We offer online scheduling, making it simple to host onsite massage sessions. Learn more about Stanford dorm events.


Schedule your dorm or resident hall event today: write to or text 650-861-7299.



Popular Massage Workshops for Students at Stanford University
Massage Workshops for Students at Stanford University  
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Table Massage for Students at Stanford University
Table Massage for Students at Stanford University   
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Chair Massage for students at Stanford University
Chair Massage for Students at Stanford University 
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These and other wellness activities are offered live online or onsite for the Stanford Community.






Stanford University

"[Rejuv At Work] was very helpful with booking chair messages for our 50+ staff. [The massage therapists] were so professional and helpful. For some people this was their first experience with having a massage and now they feel the need to have them more often. Thank you for everything!!!"  Sherona H,  Stanford School of Medicine

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