Why Fitness Classes are Beneficial (especially for those working from home)

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Why take virtual fitness classes at home?It’s a known truth - and scientific research shows - that exercise is good for everybody. Corporations and fitness centers have mingled and offered classes and programs in a variety of ways over the years. Yet the pandemic and the constant changes throughout the world have wreaked havoc with businesses, gyms, work conditions and employee options and benefits. The fact that it’s helpful and beneficial to workout is still a given and well known – yet now we must get creative with how we workout, where and when we workout and how often. And often, our work, home and workout ‘place’ is the same – our home. With this lack of separation from work, workout, and living space – how can we find time, space, and energy to do all the things that we need to do?


Benefits of group fitness classes:


  1. Community
  2. Motivation
  3. Accountability
  4. Proper technique guidance from an instructor
  5. Variety
  6. Structure
  7. Confidence boost
  8. Fun


The above is a short list of the immediate benefits for anyone attending group fitness classes; and while these benefits were mostly derived from the traditional fitness class in a studio or gym setting, we’ve discovered that home fitness and virtual options are another, and sometimes the only, way to get in our workouts these days. While a virtual workout in your home or place of business won’t bring the physical proximity of a trainer or instructor or the meet and greet of standing and working out next to your friends, it can and does offer many, if not the same or more, benefits of attending in person in a gym or studio.



Why take virtual fitness classes at home?



For  ‘Work From Home’ individuals, workouts and the virtual community are even more important and critical to maintaining community and social interaction as not only are these individuals missing workplace interaction, but any and all social interaction might be extremely limited and certainly for most has been cut back or cut out all together over the past two years. Virtual opportunities give the attendee the opportunity to participate with others in the privacy of their own setting, with or without pets and family members. And for some who dreaded going to the gym because they thought that they were too out of shape, overweight, or just shy or embarrassed to move in front of or beside others; they can make the choice to keep their camera off. While keeping the camera off means that the instructor can’t give personalized feedback or cues, it does mean that this same person who would never go to the gym before has an opportunity to try exercise and movement modalities in the privacy of their own home. This means that people who would not workout otherwise, might now actually try a short workout or meditation at home. This is a great opportunity for a whole new experience and an opportunity for instructors and trainers to reach a group that would otherwise never have stepped into the exercise room or gym in the first place!


Other Options & Benefits for Virtual Classes:


Some of the other benefits and options for individuals seeking virtual workout options are the following:




  1. Easy
  2. Less expensive
  3. More time options
  4. Opportunity to train or workout with people all over the world (not just your area)


Many companies and businesses are offering virtual options for their employees. Not only does this help keep their workforce healthier and happier, but this also means less sick time and more overall job satisfaction. With employers offering options, this might make it free or at least less expensive for the individual – cost is a huge deterrent keeping people from joining gyms or studios – and it offers ease and budget-friendly options to people who might be struggling.


There are many more options available for everyone and anyone now that there is virtual fitness as you can be in India and take a class in Europe or the United States or wherever! This also means that there is a larger variety of what is being offered and by whom. Before virtual, you were limited to the gyms or facilities in your immediate area and were tied to their schedules. Yet now, you can take a meditation class at 3am from someone in Australia in the comfort of your own home (or bed if you prefer).




While the pandemic and all that came and is still coming with it might have separated us socially and physically, it also opened many doors that were rock-solid closed for many people.


So, we might be apart – yet we can still be together (virtually!) – together, apart…



Rejuv at Work offers several options for Mind-Body classes and/or workshops such as: MeditationStretch at Your DeskDeskerciseYogaTai Chi and Pilates These are all ways to help reduce and manage stress and anxiety; as well as promote a healthier and happier outlook and work environment.


Why take virtual fitness classes from home?

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