Virtual Yoga Classes

Virtual Yoga Classes

Come to yoga class and explore physical and mental disciplines for better health, increased flexibility and strength, and peacefulness of body and mind. We will emphasize on breath, alignment, form, and balance.  All levels welcome!


You may choose a general yoga class or a specific type of yoga class from the list below.

A balanced practice emphasizing traditional and foundational yoga asanas (standing, seated, and lying down) at a steady pace that allows for longer held postures and mindful transitions from pose-to-pose. Build strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness, while absorbing the power of the breath to offer us presence & vitality.
Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice that links breath with movement for a yoga flow that builds strength and flexibility in the body, and presence of the mind. Each class includes Sun Salutations, standing, seated, and lying down asanas (postures) to leave the body and mind feeling connected, refreshed, and energized.
An active and energetic Vinyasa practice which focuses on building strength through strong asanas (postures) and quicker, more intense movements. Get your heart pumping, breathe deep, and relieve stress all at the same time.
A slow and restful practice that offers deep relaxation and gentle stretching. Restorative yoga utilizes props to completely support the body, for long-held seated and lying down asanas (postures) that allow you to release tension and find sanctuary within.
A slow and meditative practice focused on breathing through deep stretches to relieve tension, with each asana (posture) held for several minutes, mainly seated or lying down. Yin encourages us to embrace stillness and breathe through each moment, bringing us more balance and ease on and off the mat.
This type of yoga can be practiced wearing regular work clothes in an office environment. Rejuvenation and relaxation can be achieved with stretching, breathing and meditation exercises.
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