Virtual Mindful Eating Webinar

Virtual Mindful Eating Webinar

Learn during this live online one-hour seminar how to have a healthy, joyful, balanced relationship with food, using the 5 steps to Mindful Eating. During challenging times such as these, it’s easy to turn to food as one of the main sources of comfort. This can turn into overeating, 'spiced' with guilt or self-judgement, and getting out of the balance that best supports your body, mind and heart. Research-based Mindful Eating and Mindfulness techniques can help you get back in the driver's seat, learn how to savor food with the maximum of enjoyment and quantity right for you, and make discerning choices on the quality and quantity that support you to be your best, including greater energy, productivity, clarity, and health. We can also learn to discern what we are truly hungry for, which may well extend beyond food to other ways to nourish the whole self. Read More ......
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