Spa Services at Ameswell Hotel, Mountain View, CA

Ameswell Hotel Spa Services

Rejuv At Work is a proud partner with the Ameswell Hotel in Mountain View, CA.  We offer a variety of premium wellness services for travelers and locals alike.  We're available every day except major holidays, 9am-7pm.

Full Service Spa

Massage Therapy

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Swedish Massage at The Ameswell Hotel


This popular massage modality uses firm, brush-like strokes over the body to help the body release dopamine and serotonin, the hormones responsible for happiness and feelings of well-being. The gentle yet effective strokes encourage blood flow within the large muscle groups and therefore enhance circulation and set the stage for true relaxation. This style of massage provides a great introduction for someone who has never had a massage before and it's a standard in the industry because of its comforting, relaxing smoothness. 

60 minutes: $145

90 minutes: $205






Deep Tissue Massage at The Ameswell Hotel


This massage modality uses slow, firm strokes and deep pressure. The deep strokes loosen the muscles enough to significantly increase blood flow through the body which in effect reduces inflammation, the source of pain. When a massage practitioner applies pressure to a knot of tension, it's possible to reach a sublayer of muscle and connective tissue surrounding the muscle in order to effectively loosen it, and even break up scar tissue if it's present. The muscles "learn" to let go and they create a new baseline for day-to-day functionality. Then, it's possible for a person to experience an improved range of motion and comfort.

60 minutes: $155

90 minutes: $225






Sports Massage at The Ameswell Hotel


Utilizing classic Swedish stroking, pressure point work, joint mobilization and cross-fiber friction, Sports Massage can help to prepare professional athletes and weekend warriors alike for an event, reduce recovery time after exertion and even prevent injuries from happening in the first place. This style of massage targets the muscle tendon junctures and as a result it relieves swelling and promotes flexibility, especially on the areas of the body that are stressed due to repetitive motion and overuse.

60 minutes: $165

90 minutes: $235







Pre-Natal Massage


Prenatal massage helps to relieve some of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy. This specialized modality relieves back aches, stiff necks, leg cramps, headaches and swelling. Prenatal massage also reduces stress on weight bearing joints and enhances blood flow, balances hormones, and promotes lymph drainage. It acts like a tonic and helps women to relax deeply during a time of physical, mental and spiritual transition.

60 minutes: $165

90 minutes: $235








Spa Facial Treatments and Nutrition Counseling


Fresh Face Express Acu-Facial


Did you know acupuncture has anti-aging abilities? Fine, hair-like needles are placed into the dermal layer of the skin on the face and neck. This triggers a healing response in the body causing collagen and elastin stimulation. The results include fine line reduction, skin balancing, and a more youthful glow. After a 20-minute rest, the needles are removed & you’ll experience a relaxing 5-minute outer face massage. All needles are sterilized stainless steel, & one-time use.  Within regular treatments over the course of 6 months, cosmetic acupuncture can significantly improve the appearance of scars, fine lines, and sunspots.  

30 minutes: $165







Lux Facial


LUX Acu-Facial is a 3-step natural beauty service that begins with 40-50 tiny needles placed into specific acupuncture points on the face and neck. The needles relax tense muscles and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. Next, you’ll take a 20-minute rest under the FDA-approved Celluma® light, a low-level light therapy device that emits pulsed light in the blue region (465nm) for acne and the red region for anti-aging (640nm). Lastly, you’ll experience a 15-minute Inner Face Massage made popular by celebrities like Megan Markle and Kate Moss. This unique massage relaxes the facial muscles from the inside out, helping reduce patterns of tension that contribute to fine lines & sagging.  LUX Acu-Facial is the ultimate natural beauty treatment, sure to leave you feeling refreshed & gorgeous!  All needles are sterilized stainless steel, & one-time use.

60 minutes: $235






5 Elements of Nutrition


Should I go Paleo, Vegan, Ketogenic, Gluten/Sugar free, or follow the Blood-Type Diet? When did weight loss become so complicated!?!  The truth is, many of the above-mentioned diets work, but are they really sustainable? 65% of dieters will return to their pre-diet weight within 3 years of losing the weight. What if we shifted the way we looked at diets completely, to not a “diet” at all?  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the approach to proper nutrition is natural and holistic. Just like imbalances in nature create natural disasters, imbalances in your body can cause weight gain and other serious problems. The 5 elements in nature are fire, wood, earth, metal, and water and these 5 elements also exist in your body. Keeping your 5 elements balanced can be achieved with specific nutrition and lifestyle choices, while never dieting again.

In this nutrition counseling session, you'll work with Chinese medicine doctor and licensed acupuncturist to design your ideal 5 element nutrition plan.

60 minutes: $185