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At Rejuv At Work, we know that massage is about more than just luxury or a special treat.

Our Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area corporate wellness programs help our clients stay healthy, focused, and ready to get things done. We make sure you and your colleagues have what you need to be successful at work and in life.

We use this space to share ideas that can help your team keep that focused state of mind, even between our wellness sessions. We'll help you stay relaxed and productive wherever you are.


Here are some of the topics we plan to write about:

    • Wellness tips, ways to reduce stress, and increase productivity.
    • Stories of professionals like you who are living well and helping their companies thrive.
    • Best practices in corporate wellness and profiles of innovative companies that are doing things right for their employees--and their bottom line.
    • News, events, and a behind-the-scenes look at our team.
    • Different modalities of massage, our passion!

There is no more exciting place to work than the Bay Area. Every day, I'm inspired by the hard-working, creative, and passionate people that we meet on-site at our Silicon Valley and San Francisco workplaces.

We're eager to help your company continue to innovate and change the world.

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--Serge Dautricourt Founder/Director of Rejuv at Work

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