Hands-On Massage at Stanford

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Chair Massage at Stanford University

Last week was Stanford's 'dead week,' an intensive study time before finals. Rejuv At Work was honored to offer both individual massages and group massage workshops to students across the campus.





Massage is a very effective way to relieve tension during busy and stressful times. Whether receiving massage or learning how to exchange it for each other, massage is at once deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing.


Chair massage focuses on releasing tension in areas of the body that get especially tight when studying - neck, shoulders, hands, and lower back.







Thai Mat Massage at Stanford University

Massage workshops are fun and informative events for students to learn basic massage techniques. Students learn to use different massage strokes for Swedish Massage, pressure points for Shiatsu and yoga stretches for Thai Massage, all with ergonomic body positioning.


Massage Workshops begin with a demonstration followed by two periods of hands-on practice. The givers will be instructed how to use proper body mechanics (posture and alignment) so as not to tire their bodies, and the recipients will be encouraged to completely relax and let go. Students are encouraged to bring a towel or blanket and pillow for comfort.

Three types of Massage Workshops can be scheduled separately or in combination: Swedish Massage, Thai Massage and Shiatsu Massage.

Swedish Massage is among the most popular styles of massage in spas and massage centers around the world today. In Swedish Massage Workshops, students learn a variety of techniques in an adapted version for the floor. Lotion is provided.

Suggested dress code is shorts or pants that can roll up, and a tank top or T-shirt.

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art that was developed in India in the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago. It was eventually brought to Thailand, where it remains to this day an integral part of Traditional Thai Medicine. Thai Massage includes slow pressure along the body's 'Sen' or energy lines and many stretches - thus it is also called Thai Yoga Massage.

The suggested dress code is pants or shorts that allow for stretching, short or long sleeve shirt, and clean feet or socks.

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese style that uses rhythmic and sustained pressure on points along the body’s meridian lines to stimulate natural curative abilities. Passive stretching is also used to open the joints and allow for increased circulation.

The suggested dress code is pants or shorts that allow for stretching, short or long sleeve shirt, and clean feet or socks.


Our Massage Workshops were a new experience for a lot of students, and many were enthusiastic about learning more.

Best wishes for finals!


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