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How To Fit A Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

Posted by Rejuv At Work Team on

How you do maintain a healthy lifestyle when you're busy? In our last post we introduced the concept of “exercise snacking” – the idea that exercising in frequent, short bursts can be just as effective as more traditional exercise methods. In this post we’ll take it a step further by discussing HOW to squeeze in daily workouts when you’re busy.   A great place to start is to consider your routine. Is it easier to workout before starting your work day, during the day, or after work? Finding the right time for a workout (no matter the length) will help...

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Exercise in Short Bursts

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Do you find yourself busy and “on the go” despite spending more time at home during the pandemic? It’s human nature to desire to contribute to society in a meaningful way – and we strive to do our best – but when we’re busy it can be difficult to make time for sit-down meals. That’s why frequent, healthy snacks are a viable alternative. At Rejuv At Work, we believe the same is true for exercise! Similar to the concept of snacking when you’re hungry, consider exercising in more frequent, short bursts when you feel the urge. Tara Parker-Pope from the...

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