Bringing Healthy Movement into Our Lives

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Movement Classes at Rejuv At Work

Not very long ago, in a relative sense, human beings lived incredibly active lives. In a close relationship to nature, we hunted, fished, and collected our food sources, built homes to protect from the elements, lit fires, prepared food in groups and walked or ran wherever we needed to travel. Our relationship with our own human body was immediate, essential, and in many ways, precious in terms of survival.

In those times, which made up the majority of human existence so far, nobody needed a standing desk or a bright red exercise ball to help with posture at work. People did not commute for 40 minutes each way to work only to sit at a desk for eight hours, return home, pay the mortgage, and put the kids to bed. They didn't spend hours staring into tiny electronic screens or hunched over examining letters on a page from a book. It's hard to know if insomnia or anxiety and depression were prevalent in our history as a species, but somehow it seems that modern life, full of its triggers, jarring news reports and technological advances may play a very large role in the state of disconnection that many of us feel with our bodies, and time. We modern humans have mental capacities to work with the fast-paced circumstances of life; however, the body itself is still wired for a very different era. Sometimes it feels like we are simply brains, dragging around an inconvenient body, here and there.

Maybe we can't turn back the clock at this point and slip back into a life of constant physical activity that would be a better fit for our biology and maybe we don't want to do exactly that. However, it is possible to incorporate more movement into our lives and reap the benefits. Participating in regular exercise, for example, can help to reduce anxiety and depression as well as the risk of a heart attack or stroke. It can even reduce the risk of 13 types of cancer as well as diabetes. Read all about it here!

Rejuv at Work brings healthy fitness and movement to the workplace so that employees can lift their spirits and practice preventative health care in a convenient and efficient manner. With onsite Bootcamp, Cardio Hip Hop, Zumba, Yoga, TRX and/or HIIT classes, there is no need to waste time searching for parking, to feed a meter, or try to get up at the crack of dawn to squeeze a good workout into the day. And it's fun! After exercising, it's easier to focus at the desk, and it builds community when colleagues work out together.  January is a great time to set a resolution to embrace the body, to be embodied, fully, working with strength, flexibility, balance and intensity. It is guaranteed that your body will thank you for it.

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