Plan Ahead for Employee Appreciation Day: March 2, 2018

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Movement at Work

Your employees: they've got your back. Are they crunching numbers, working a spreadsheet, making sure each tiny detail is correct? Or are they out at a dinner, creating conversation with your biggest client, carefully listening and asking thoughtful questions? Perhaps your employees operate a fork lift with agility, or crush grapes with their bare feet! Whatever feats they accomplish, your employees do it for the team, for a shared goal.

Like musicians playing different instruments in a symphony, a solid organization needs people who specialize in particular areas and come together in harmony, to produce great works. Your employees perform every day at work with skill, dedication and creativity. In their personal lives, they might be busy raising children, or struggling with a divorce; they could be caring for ailing parents, paying off student loans and other forms of debt. Some of them are presidents of community organizations in their spare time, or volunteers helping children, the homeless, the elderly. The individuals in your workforce pour their energy, intelligence and passion into projects and responsibilities.

In honor of these hard-working humans, why not gift them a wellness event? A massage is a moment of heaven. In the hands of a skilled body worker, the stress of the day, the week, maybe even a tough year, can dissolve into emptiness. A moment of calm emerges, and your dedicated employee can rest with a mind at ease within itself. This is a morale-boosting gift, one that says you appreciate and value their contribution and you recognize your common humanity. If not a massage, perhaps a motivating, fun and team-building exercise class, or some training in meditation, the art of letting go of stress and calming the mind. Whatever you choose, it will be appreciated! And everyone is a winner: the boss who cultivates a happy and healthy team, and employees who feel appreciated and cared for.

From all of us at Rejuv at Work, we wish you a Happy Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 2, 2018!

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