Exercise in Short Bursts

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Exercise in Short BurstsDo you find yourself busy and “on the go” despite spending more time at home during the pandemic? It’s human nature to desire to contribute to society in a meaningful way – and we strive to do our best – but when we’re busy it can be difficult to make time for sit-down meals. That’s why frequent, healthy snacks are a viable alternative. At Rejuv At Work, we believe the same is true for exercise!

Similar to the concept of snacking when you’re hungry, consider exercising in more frequent, short bursts when you feel the urge. Tara Parker-Pope from the New York Times coined the term “exercise snacking” as a way to describe this hot new trend. In a recent article, she spoke with Martin Gibala, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. His lab conducted several studies on exercise snacking, and found, “We’ve sort of been conditioned that exercise is this thing you do in a special place once you change into spandex, and it’s very daunting for people. Let’s get people out of the mind-set that exercise is this special thing we do.” We couldn’t agree more!

To learn how to incorporate exercise bursts into your daily routine, consider booking one of the following classes with Rejuv At Work:

· Virtual Deskercise Classes

· Virtual Step Up Your Exercise Webinar

· Virtual Stretch While You Work Webinar

· Virtual Exercise for Busy Bodies Webinar

The truth is we can stay active no matter what the circumstance or how busy we are. With a little effort anything is possible! Furthermore, those who work from home may even find the concept of exercise snacking much easier to embrace.

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