New Tech Economy in Fitness

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Technology will continue to be a key pillar in Rejuv At Work’s success this year. We’ve seen an increase in companies with a renewed focus on wellness services as employees seek new forms of exercise that fit their lifestyles during the pandemic (and after it fades). As the world leans on technology for a continued sense of connection and experience, corporate on-site gyms have become a smaller piece of the overall wellness puzzle. The new tech economy in fitness is “hybrid” and Rejuv At Work is at the forefront of the movement.


Employees want fully connected experiences with solutions that serve wide-ranging needs and expectations – and we have you covered! Rejuv At Work released a diverse blend of virtual and in-person classes to set your organization up for success in 2021 and beyond. The future of the new tech economy is bright. Did you know the line between mind and body is also merging as people search for ways to exercise both at the same time? This is another trend Rejuv At Work has already anticipated and is prepared to handle, with mind-body exercises like yoga and Pilates remaining on the rise.


It goes without saying mental and physical health are essential in the workplace now more than ever. Corporate wellness is a large deciding factor when someone is considering going to work for a new company. While employees in every corner of the globe experience the benefit of our virtual wellness programs and recognize home fitness as a sustainable way to workout, Rejuv At Work’s solutions have quickly become the household norm. We are no longer location-based; we are wellbeing focused. Consider partnering with a forward-thinking organization like ours; we've done the legwork upfront!

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